PRISM Cell Lines

PRISM cell lines largely overlap with and reflect the diversity of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia cell lines. We also have a large number of pediatric cell lines from our collaborators. We have two fibroblast cell lines in the screen; all other cell lines are cancer cell lines. We do not have any isogenic cell lines in our panel.

Our current cell set comprises 930 barcoded and QCed cell lines that are divided into two cultures:

  • “PR500” – all adherent cell lines
  • “PR300+” – a mix of adherent and suspension cell lines

Cells are grown in pools of 20-25 cell lines in 384-well plates. Each pool consists of mixed lineages grouped together by doubling rate. The PR500 adherent cell lines are plated at 1250 cells per well, while our PR300+ suspension and mixed adherent/suspension pools are plated at 2000 cells per well.