Consortium-style screens

PRISM invites collaborators to submit test agents to three consortium-style screens each year. These screens use the standard PRISM study design: 5-day assay, test agents run at 7 pt. dose for combinations and 8 pt. dose for single-agents, with 3-fold dilutions in triplicate. We will be accepting test agents for our next screen September 11 – […]

Industrial collaborative working model

PRISM’s mission is to help improve cancer patients’ lives. To that end, we are excited to collaborate with industrial partners to advance their understanding of their cancer therapeutics. Our working model is that of a scientific collaboration to further cancer research. Some key points of our collaboration agreement include: Data Ownership – PRISM retains the […]

PRISM’s high-throughput drug sensitivity assay

Traditional phenotypic screening is done one cell line at a time, requiring lots of time and reagents, which can slow down drug discovery and development efforts. PRISM’s unique approach to barcoding and pooling cell lines for high-throughput screening overcomes the limitations of single cell line studies, helping researchers rapidly collect cancer cell line drug-sensitivity data […]


The Broad Institute has made PRISM available to all collaborators. We are excited to collaborate with you to advance your research to find new treatments for cancer patients. Together we can provide a better understanding of cancer therapeutics and accelerate the drug discovery process. We will be accepting test agents for our next screen September […]