Cell culture conditions

In order to grow together in pooled conditions, all cell lines have been adapted to a single, shared media: RPMI-1640 without phenol red (catalog link here). No supplements or antibiotics are added other than fetal bovine serum (FBS) which is added at 10% for adherent cell lines and at 20% for suspension cell lines. All standard […]

Cell sets and pools

The full collection of PRISM cell lines is screened for all standard PRISM experiments. This PR1000 collection is divided into two cell sets: PR500: 488 solid tumor adherent cell lines PR300+: 431 hematopoietic, solid tumor, and pediatric cell lines Within each cell set, cell lines are pooled in groups of 20-25 based on their growth […]

Cell line collection

As a cell line screening assay, PRISM continually strives to improve our cell line collection to ultimately have the largest, most robust, and most diverse cell set possible. By partnering with academic groups and cell banks across the globe, we hope to capture and reflect the diversity of human cancers. PRISM’s PR1000 cell collection contains […]