PRISM will be accepting submissions for our next screen July 8 – July 26!

DMSO-soluble small molecules (single agent and combination format), and single agent antibodies, ADCs, and growth-inhibiting cytokines will be accepted for our 930 cancer cell line screen.

Future offerings

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Technology development

Another area of research for PRISM is technology development. We want to stay on the cutting edge of cancer research. A question that we are always asking is   “How can PRISM help expand our understanding of cancer?”   One area that many groups are working on now, and that we hope to bring another […]

Assay development

PRISM is committed to further develop and improve our cutting-edge screening technologies. To update our assay for new screening modalities, we are constantly looking at the market to find out what kinds of new therapies companies are developing. We then try to develop high-throughput pooled screens to see if we can screen these new modalities […]